Limitations and demarcations:

  • We have completely focussed on the JSON-format. We currently see no need to support XML or other formats. But let’s discuss!
  • We are not strictly following all principles of a RESTful Api. One of them says a “things should be stateless”. To a certain extend this contradicts the login mechanisms of TYPO3 which relies on sessions that are stored on the server. We like the concept of TYPO3 Frontend Users and the idea of having sessions. Sessions that you can store data in. So we have implemented them as one of the ways to authenticate.
  • We are mixing some things here, which are strictly separated from each other in other extensions. One of them is: URLs are not strictly mapped to a certain Model, Storage or Entity. This way, nnrestapi can be used very versatile - even if your only intention is to map a URL-route to a method like the extension YAML Routes does.