Get hidden records

How to retrieve hidden records

Imagine you are developing a frontend based on JavaScript (VueJS or React) to administrate news records. Of course, as an admin, you want to be able to edit records that were not published yet.

If you were logged in to the backend, you would simply set the “hidden” flag on the record and happily edit the news until things look fine. This is possible, because you are logged in to the backend which allows you to view records that are hidden or have a start- and end-date set.

With a normal TYPO3-extension we would be facing a problem. We are sending all requests to the API from a frontend context. And frontend means: Hidden is hidden!

Yes, you can.

The good news: Retrieving hidden records in the frontend context is possible with nnrestapi.

You have two options:

  1. Use the @Api\IncludeHidden() Annotation

    To make TYPO3 include hidden records, you can add the following annotation to your method. TYPO3 will now also return hidden data, including hidden, nested FileReferences or other relations.


    More information and examples can be found on this page

  2. Set the “Admin Mode” for a Frontend User

    If you are using authenticated frontend user you can define access rights to hidden records on a per-user base.

    Edit the frontend-user in the backend, switch to the “RestAPI” tab and set the checkbox “Admin-Mode: Show hidden records”:

    Admin Mode: Show hidden records