RESTful API for Typo3 (nnrestapi by 99°)

Everything you need to create a “Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface” in TYPO3.

➔ Screenshots

See what you get. Screenshots of the front- and backend.

★ Features

Motivation and overview of the main features.

⚑ Installation

How to install the extension. How to set up an Api in 5 minutes using this quick-start.

⌘ Routing

Routing requests / URLs to your classes and methods (endpoints).

↹ Responses

How to create a response and convert Models, ObjectStorages and FileReferences to JSON (by doing nothing ;)

@ Annotations

Configure almost anything using Annotations, directly at your method.

✜ Access

How to only allow certain users to access your Api.

⊛ Authentication

How to authenticate using HTTP Basic Auth, JSON Web Tokens and Cookies.

❖ Uploading Files

How to upload files from the frontend and create FileReferences (FAL) in a single request using multipart/form-data.

❉ Localization

Retrieving translated (localized) data

✿ Kickstarter

Create a namespaced extension with a single click.

❂ Writing documentation

How to create a beautiful documentation of your endpoints. Without leaving your code editor.

✲ Examples

Examples for the backend, examples for the frontend. Examples in VanillaJS, jQuery, axios. And examples on CodePen.

⨳ Configuration

Overview of the TypoScript setup and configuration you can set in yaml

Is the extension free?

Yes, but …!


This extension documentation is published under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Creative Commons) license


Language:en, David Bascom