Documenting your Api

Use comments to create your documentation on-the-fly

Creating a beautiful documentation of your TYPO3 RestApi is simple: No need to use an external editor! Anything you write as a comment above your method will be parsed and converted in a documentation that can be accessed in the TYPO3 backend.

In the comment, you can even use Markdown to format your text, add headings or example code blocks.

Here is an example:

 * ## Example
 * This comment will be visible in the backend-module of
 * the nnrestapi. If you would like to show a code block in
 * your documentation, simple use the markdown-syntax:
 * ```
 * {"some":"example from markdown"}
 * ```
 * The text in the Example-annotation will be used to compose
 * the request from the testbed.
 * @Api\Example("{'some':'example for testbed'}")
 * @return array

The above example would automatically create this documentation in the backend module: