Backend module with testbed

While creating your own RestApi you don’t need to use external tools like Postman. All registered endpoints automatically get listed in the backend module. By clicking on the compose-icon you can create your custom request in the backend including Frontend-User authentication and file-uploading.

nnrestapi Backend Module

Search and filter endpoints

Search for registered endpoints in the backend and hide the default endpoints that come with the nnrestapi-extension.

nnrestapi Backend Module

Automatic documentation

Use Markdown in your method annotations to automatically create the documentation. This saves a lot of time and keeps code and documentation at one place.

nnrestapi Backend Module

FrontendUser Authentication

The nnrestapi extensions ships with a Authentication-layer for logging in frontend-users and setting Json Web Tokens (JWT). This allows development from localhost-environments which connect to a external development-server without CORS-problems.

You can test the login / logout from the testbed in the backend module:

nnrestapi Backend Module

FrontendUser Configuration

Set an API-key for frontend users to authenticate using HTTP basic auth. Alternatively you can use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) or cookies.

Setting the checkbox “admin mode” will allow the frontend user to retrieve hidden records with relations. This would usually only be able for backend users.

Admin Mode: Show hidden records

Extension Configuration

Define API-keys for global users (no frontend-user necessary) that can authenticate using HTTP basic auth. Set a session lifetime for your users - or create API-sessions that never expire.

Extension Manager

CodePens to go wild on

We’ve tried to give you as many practical examples for the frontend and backend as possible. Most of the examples are also on CodePen for you to copy, test and modify.

nnrestapi example codepen


Overview of the installation and backend features of the extension.