Control how your TYPO3 RestAPi renders the JSON result

Options and settings for converting the response-data to JSON.

Currently, only depth is implemented.

With depth you can control, how deep the returned object will be parsed when it is converted to the JSON-array.

This is helpful, if you are returning Objects with many nested relations or recursions, but you only need the first few levels of the data in the frontend.

The syntax is:


Here is a full example:


namespace My\Extension\Api;

use Nng\Nnrestapi\Annotations as Api;
use Nng\Nnrestapi\Api\AbstractApi;

 * @Api\Endpoint()
class Example extends AbstractApi
    * @Api\Json(depth=4)
    * @Api\Access("public")
    * @return array
   public function getAllAction()
      $result = $this->someVeryDeepObject();
      return $result;