Disabling automatic merging of JSON data with a Model

The @Api\AutoMerge() annotation can be used to control, if the JSON data automatically gets merged with the Model you have defined as argument injection in your endpoint.

By default, autoMerge is enabled. This can be changed by setting the following flag in the TypoScript setup:

plugin.tx_nnrestapi.settings {
   autoMerge.enabled = 0

The default setting in TypoScript can be overriden for every endpoint individually by using the following Annotation syntax:

// Merge data with model (same as TRUE)

// Merge data with model

// Disable the merging of data

Full example:


namespace My\Extension\Api;

use Nng\Nnrestapi\Annotations as Api;
use Nng\Nnrestapi\Api\AbstractApi;

use My\Extension\Domain\Model\Article;

 * @Api\Endpoint()
class Example extends AbstractApi
    * Disable merging of JSON data with the model
    * @Api\Route("PUT /news/{article}")
    * @Api\Example("{'title':'My new title'}")
    * @Api\AutoMerge(FALSE)
    * @Api\Access("public")
    * @param Article $article
    * @return array
   public function getIndexAction( Article $article = null )
      return $article;

How autoMerge works (default bevaviour)

To understand the example above, let’s have a quick look at what would happen without the @Api\AutoMerge(FALSE) annotation.

Assume we have an Article with the uid = 1 in the database and make a request to PUT /api/news/1 with the JSON {"title":"My new title"}

  • The ApiController first checks the endpoint and sees, that it is expecting Article $article as first argument
  • As we have passed uid = 1 in the PUT /api/news/1 request, it automatically retrieves the Article-Model with uid = 1 from the database
  • It then checks the JSON body and sees: title was passed
  • Next it overrides the title from the Model with the new title passed with the JSON body
  • Now the modified Model gets passed to the endpoint method

Merging the JSON-data with the Model like described above is the default behaviour. This can be disabled by either using the @Api\AutoMerge(FALSE) annotation – or by disabling it globally using the TypoScript setting plugin.tx_nnrestapi.settings.autoMerge.enabled = 0.

Quick-Tip: Persisting the Model

Note that the Article-Model will have a modified title, but not be persisted yet in the database.

You will need to do this yourself, e.g. by using this simple oneliner in your endpoint:

\nn\t3::Db()->update( $article )

Quick-Tip: A Fast way to set properties in the Model

When merging was disabled, you will need to take care of merging the data with your Model by yourself. This can be done with the classic getters and setters of the Model – or by using the helper-function:

$modifiedArticle = \nn\t3::Obj( $article )->merge(['title'=>'new title', ...]);