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We hope that you see the time and work we invested in creating this extension.
We hope you have noticed, we have tried to create the best documentation for a TYPO3 RestApi out there.

We hope you value to have so many examples, snippets and recipes that you can copy + paste.

But most of all:

We hope this extension will save you many hours of work time (and lifetime) while developing your own project.

This is why…

We hope you will donate € 1,– (yes, just ONE fckn Euro!) for every project you have based on this extension. We won’t be checking this. And we will not be pushing that.

It’s just one click. And it’s up to you.

But image, what difference it could make, if you just said “thank you” this way, because…

That’s ONE EURO …

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… to buy our developers a coffee, so they stay awake longer and patch bugs faster.

🧡 EUR 1,–

… to buy David some children’s books to read to Mia and Mellinda (to make up for the time it took him to develop this extension and write the docs)

💜 EUR 1,–

… to earn extra-bonus-karma-points for your life thereafter

❤️ EUR 1,–

… to stop us from using more ugly-glossy heart icons in documentations.

💜 EUR 1,–

… to free you from the heavy burden of having one Euro too much in your account.

💛 EUR 1,–

… to to give 99° more opportunities to support social and sustainable projects “pro bono”.

💙 EUR 1,–

… to motivate us to publish more great extensions in the TER that we’ve been hiding for years.

💚 EUR 1,–

… to not mark every support question as “spam” and forget about it.

Damn. That was a lot of begging. We should really start learning hypnosis instead.